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What happens in the second stage of molting in cockroaches?

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The real cause of the white appearance of cockroaches is that when they molt, most of the body's pigmentation is lost. This needs to be replaced. This is a chemical reaction that takes place in the body and usually takes several hours to completely recover from pigmentation. The cockroach life cycle consists of three developmental stages: eggs, nymphs, and adults. Most cockroaches are oviparous — their young cockroaches grow on eggs outside the mother's body. In these species, cockroaches carry their eggs to a bag called ootheca attached to the abdomen.

thoughtco.com Изображение: thoughtco.com Cockroaches enter the second stage as small nymphs. .. Nymph cockroaches go through several stages of molting and shedding of the skin. It turns into a white body each time it molts. The size of the nymph gradually increases, and the color of the exoskeleton becomes harder and darker.

What happens to cockroaches during molting?

At this stage, cockroaches undergo most of the changes in life as they grow from larvae to adults. This occurs during the molting process where cockroaches molt the exoskeleton. As a result, the size increases. When you see a cockroach that molted a while ago, it's easy to mistake it for an albino.

What is the life cycle of nymph cockroaches?

The nymph stage lasts 11 to 14 months. Nymphs enter the adult stage when they complete multiple stages of molting and develop feather-like parts. One way to distinguish between nymph cockroaches and adult cockroaches is a pair of wings.

At what stage do cockroaches lay their eggs?

Cockroaches carry eggs to the eggs to protect them until they enter the nymph stage. The amount of eggs that ootheca can carry depends on the species. These eggs hatch into nymphs depending on the environmental conditions in which they live. Cockroaches enter the second stage as small nymphs.

How long does it take for a cockroach to die?

8.  For some species, this process only takes a few weeks. Some, like the Oriental cockroach, take one to two years. The overall lifespan of cockroaches also varies. Some can only live for a few months, while others can live for more than two years.

What happens in the second stage of molting in cockroaches?

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