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What is the collective noun for animal?

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Collective Nouns of Bat Animal Groups Collective Nouns Words / Group Names Crocodile and Crocodile Basque, Congregation Alpaca Herd Ant Army, Colony, Nest, Herd Antelope Herd 78 more rows. December 5, 2021 Animal Group Names Human Monkey: Army or Shrewd Birds: Army or Frangipards: ceteBats: Colony or Cauldron Bears: sleuth or sloth Beaver: Colony or Family Birds: Collective Nouns / Group Names of Birds Gulp Cranes Sedge, Seige Crows Murder Doves Dole 33 lines or more. December 4, 2021

Collective nouns of invertebrates (including insects, soft animals, etc.) Animal collective nouns Ali army, colonies, nests, swarms (flying) bees, nest boxes, swarms Invertebrate Army Clambed 18 more lines November 17, 2021

What is the collective noun of an animal group?

Animal Group Collective Noun Animal Name Collective Noun Word / Group Name Crocodile and Crocodile Basque, Congregation Alpaca Flock Ali Army, Colony, Nest, Flock Antelope Flock Further 78 Rows

Animals What is a group of?

Animal collective noun In English, an animal collective noun refers to a set or group of animals. Examples of animal collective nouns: What is a group of turkeys called?

What is the collective noun of birds?

Bird Collective Noun Animal Collective Noun Bird General Brace (for two birds with b Albatross Lucary Bitterns Sedge Bullfinch Further 68 rows

What is the collective noun of invertebrates?

Invertible animals (including insects, soft animals, etc.) Animal collective noun Ali Army, colonies, nests, swarms (flying) of bees Flocks, nest boxes, flock larvae Army Asari Beds and 18 more rows

What is the collective noun for animal?

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