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What is the difference between a primate and a monkey?

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Primates are animals belonging to the biological eye "Primates", a group that includes all species of lemur, monkeys and apes around the world. The term "monkey" is generally accepted to refer to two groups of primates (New World monkeys and Old World monkeys). (Read more about Old World African monkeys.)

What is the reason for making monkeys primates?

Primates have larger brains (compared to body size) than other mammals and are dependent on vision at the expense of the sense of smell, the main sensory system of most mammals. The degree is high. These functions are more developed in monkeys and monkeys, and less so in loris and lemuriformes.

Are all monkeys primates?

Primates are any mammal in the group, including lemurs, loris, tarsier, monkeys, apes, and humans. More than 300 species of primates are the third most diverse mammalian eyes after rodents and bats.

Is the gorilla a monkey or an ape?

Surprise! Humans are also primates. Humans are a family of apes! Chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, gibbons, gorillas, and humans are all apes. 2013г.

What is the difference between a primate and a monkey?

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