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What is the meaning of immortal?

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Adjectives live forever. It will not die or rot. "Our corpse is inhabited by an immortal soul." синонимы: Immortality, never die, never die, eternal, live forever, eternal, endless, endless, eternal, perpetual Permanent, constant, immortal, immortal, indestructible, indelible, undying, immortal, insoluble, empirical, permanent noun immortal being, especially the ancient Greek and Roman gods. синонимы: God, Goddess, God, Being God, Being Immortal, Being Heaven, Being Supreme, Divine, Olympian is a member of the French Academy. An ancient Persian royal bodyguard.

What does immortality mean?

Adjectives. Not fatal. We are not responsible or have the potential to die. Immortality: Our immortal soul. Lincoln's Immortal Words: Remember or celebrate all the time. It cannot perish or rot. Immortal; eternal. Perpetual; Persistent; Constant: Immortal enemy.

What do immortality and death mean?

As a noun, the difference between mortal and immortal is that the mortal is human. Immortal people are less susceptible to death, but more susceptible to death.

What is the meaning of immortal?

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