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What is the scientific name of Tiger Lotus?

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Nymphaea lotus is a species of dicotyledonous plant belonging to the genus Liliaceae of the Liliaceae family. The taxonomy name of the species was first published in 1753 by the Swedish taxonomist Carl Linnaeus. Wikipedia

What is the scientific name of Lotus?

Nelumbo Nucifera Synonyms of Holy Lotus: Nelumbium speciosum, Nelumbo Speciosa, Nelumbium nelumbo. Common name: Asian lotus, hass. Description: Introduced to North America as a water garden plant


What is the scientific name of Tiger


Panthera tigrisThe genus Panthera Includes the following four major cat species that can roar: tiger (Pantera is Tigris), lion (Pantera Leo), leopard (Pantera pardus) and jaguar (Pantera onca)


What is the scientific name for the Tiger Peacock Allineum Roar Potato?

TIGER-Pantera is Tigris. PEACOCK --Pavo Hachinohe. ANT --Formicidae. Neem-Indica of Azadi Lacta. LOTUS-Has


What is the scientific name of the Tiger Elephant

. ??

Pantheratigris (Linne, 1758) variant. Of P. t. Tigris P.

What is the scientific name of Tiger Lotus?

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