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What is the scientific name of Bengal tiger?

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Bengal tiger is a subspecies of the tiger Panthera tigristigris that inhabits India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The Bengal tiger population is less than 2,500 and is expected to decline. Wikipedia

What is the common name for Bengal tigers?

FamilyFelidae Fischer de Waldheim, 1817-catsSubfamilyPantherinae Pocock, 1917GenusPanthera Oken, 1816-Roaring Cat SpeciesPanthera tigris (Linnaeus, 1758)-TigerSubspeciesPanthera tigris tigris (Linnaegal3 & gt) : Bengal tiger. Scientific name: Panthera tigristigris. Type: Mammalian. Diet: Carnivorous animal

What is the scientific name of Bengal tiger * 10 points?

Panthera tigris tigris (Linne, 1758)

What is the genus of the Bengal tiger?

Panthers Bengal Tiger / genus

What is the scientific name of Bengal tiger?

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