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Where are sponges found?

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Most sponges are found in the sea, but many species are also found in freshwater and estuaries. 26th. 2021

Where is the sponge?

Sponges are located on the ocean floor or attached to substrates such as rocks, corals, shells, and marine organisms. Sponges extend to habitats from shallow intertidal zones and coral reefs to the deep sea. They are found in oceans and freshwater lakes around the world. December. 2019

What kind of environment does Sponge live in?

Most live in marine environments such as the ocean, but some live in freshwater environments such as lakes, ponds, and streams. Approximately 200 of the 15,000 known sponges live in freshwater environments (Skelton & Strand, 2012).

Where did the sponge come from?

A natural sponge is a kind of simple marine animal skeleton. They grow in worms, shallow waters, and are especially abundant off the eastern Mediterranean coast and off the west coast of Florida.

Where are sponges found?

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Are sponges living in the sea animals?

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