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Where did fish first evolve?

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Fish evolved first in the ocean. The sea has been flooded with them for nearly 500 million years, so there is no reason to doubt that the fish living there today have made all their evolution in salt water until you take a closer look at their family tree. 8 февр. 2012г.

When did the fish first evolve?

Fish. The first fish emerged about 530 million years ago and have evolved so long that they are today the most diverse group of vertebrates.

Where did the fish come from?

Fish are abundant in most bodies of water. They are found in almost all aquatic environments, from alpine streams (eg chars and gajons) to the deep seas and even the deepest abyssal zones (eg snailfish and snailfish), but no species have been recorded yet. Hmm. The deepest 25% of the sea.

When did the land fish first appear?

The first land-walking fish appears to have been "all-wheel drive": Tik, which lived about 375 million years ago and is believed to be the first land-walking fish. Tiktaalik's bidirectional fossils were more robust and posterior than previously known.

Where did fish first evolve?

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