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Where do sea sponges live in the ocean?

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Habitat and distribution Sponges are located on the ocean floor or attached to substrates such as rocks, corals, shells and marine organisms. Sponges extend to habitats from shallow intertidal zones and coral reefs to the deep sea. December. 2019г.

Where does the sponge live in the sea?

Most of the sponges are marine (although about 150 species are found in freshwater environments), and the transition from the intertidal zone of the shallow shelf sea to the slope / abyssal plain at the bottom of the continental shelf (deep). It lives up to a depth of about 3000m).

Do sponges live on the seabed?

Summary: Teams around deep-sea scientists have discovered that sponges leave trails on the bottom of the deep waters of the Arctic. Sponge: It is considered one of the most primitive forms of animals because it has no mobile organs or nervous system.

Where do sponges grow?

Most sponges are found in the ocean, but many species are also found in freshwater and estuaries. 2021

Where is the habitat of the sponge?

Sponges are simple invertebrates that live in aquatic habitats. Most sponges are marine, but some species live in freshwater lakes and streams. They are found in shallow marine environments up to a depth of 5 kilometers (km).

Where do sea sponges live in the ocean?

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