Which dolphin is blind?

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The Ganges dolphins can only live in freshwater and are essentially blind.

Is the Susdolka really blind?

Note: Soot is basically a blind dolphin because of its very poor eyesight. They hunt using an echolocation system by emitting ultrasonic waves. They are usually found in small groups or alone. River dolphins have been declared endangered by IUCN.

Why Indus river dolphins are blind

Dolphins need to adapt to life in muddy river water and have since been believed to be functionally blind. increase. Blind dolphins, a rare and invisible species, rely on echolocation to communicate, navigate and hunt prey such as catfish, shrimp and carp.

Are Indus river dolphins blind?

The Indus river dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor), locally known as Boulan, is one of the eight freshwater dolphins currently in existence in the world. .. These dolphins are blind and depend on echolocation. Members of the South Asian river dolphin family are also found in Pakistan, which has begun to recover in recent years.

Which dolphin is blind?

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