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Why can't chickens and ostriches fly?

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Ostriches, emu, cassowaries, rares, and kiwis cannot fly. Unlike most birds, the flat sternum does not have the keel to secure the strong pectoral muscles needed for flight. Their tiny wings probably can't lift their heavy body off the ground. May 13, 2014

Why can't chickens and ostriches fly?

The main reason ostriches can't fly is actually related to the feathers themselves. The individual globules are not interlocked like the wings of a flying bird. This means that the wings do not provide wind resistance to get out of the ground. These are the two main reasons why ostriches can't fly.

Why did chickens evolve so that they wouldn't fly?

Humans breed chickens according to size and weight and admire the heaviest and fastest growing specimens. It is not the one that can fly the best or the farthest. For this reason, modern domesticated chickens are large and heavy birds with too small wings to be sufficient for long-distance flights.

Why are some birds unable to fly even if they have wings?

Their wing bones are either missing or smaller in body size than the tinamou wing bones. .. However, they have lost another bone called the keel to which the flying muscles attach. Flightless birds are often larger and have longer legs than flying birds. August 8, 2019

How did the ostrich evolve so that it wouldn't fly?

One of these birds was an ostrich. Over time, as evolution began, ostriches grew in size and began to adapt to their "new" life. And as these birds grew larger, they began to lose their ability to fly. 16окт. 2011

Why can't chickens and ostriches fly?

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