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Why don't sponges have brains?

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The brain needs a lot of energy, and many of these simple creatures could not survive if they had to supply energy to the brain. In the case of sponge, there is no brain, digestive system, nervous system, or circulatory system. They simply filter the water for nutrients that have a finger-like structure called cilia. May 24, 2016

Does the sponge have a brain?

The sponge is one of the most primitive of all animals. They do not move and live by filtering the debris from the water. They don't have a brain, and for that matter, they don't have neurons, organs, or even tissues. 2009

Which animals do not have a brain?

There is one organism that has no brain or nervous tissue. It's a sponge. A sponge is a simple animal that survives on the ocean floor by incorporating nutrients into its porous body.

Which sponge can tell you about the evolution of the brain?

The brains of the first animals appeared hundreds of millions of years ago. Today, only the most primitive animal species, such as aquatic sponges, lack the brain. Paradoxically, these species may hold the key to unraveling the mystery of how neurons and the brain first evolved. Individual neurons in the brain communicate via synapses. 2021

What's in the sponge instead of the nervous system?

Sponges are the only multicellular animals without a nervous system. There are no nerve cells or sensory cells. However, touching or applying pressure to the outside of the sponge causes the body to contract locally. Hydra has a nervous system that is characterized by a neural network.

Why don't sponges have brains?

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