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Do cabbage white butterflies lay eggs?

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The cabbage white butterfly overwinters as a pupa. Those who survive the cold season hatch into butterflies during the spring. The butterflies mate, after which each female lays hundreds of eggs on the leaves of cabbage, other related plants and nasturtium.

What time does the cabbage white butterfly lay eggs?

Adults lay eggs from May to June and from July to September. This means that you can find Brassica cabbage whites from late spring to autumn. 2019

Where do cabbage whites lay their eggs?

Butterflies lay eggs on the underside of the leaves (single for small whites, in groups of 40-100 by large whites), and after 1-2 weeks, like very hungry larvae. Larvae appear. In my favorite children's book, whatever's on the road is ready to eat. The 13th. 2014

Will the cabbage white lay eggs on cabbage?

White cabbage caterpillars are known to bite members of the cabbage family, such as broccoli and oilseed rape. Females lay one egg that changes color from white to yellow under the leaves of the plant. After that, the caterpillars hatch and feed on the plants.

Do white butterflies lay eggs?

The large white butterfly lays eggs in a yellow batch. Small white butterflies usually lay pale yellow eggs alone. The little white larva is lonely.

Do cabbage white butterflies lay eggs?

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