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What kind of butterfly has black dots on the wings?

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The black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) is a particularly impressive butterfly in the swallowtail butterfly family. Its wings are black and have yellow markings or dots on its rear wings. July. 2021

How can I find out what kind of butterfly I have?

Butterfly Identification: Color, Size, Shape Some butterflies have wing shapes or marks that you will begin to recognize by your family. For example, skippers have small wings, long wings have narrow wings, and commas and question marks have "punctuation" on the wings.

What is the name of a white butterfly with black spots?

Butterflies can be identified by the white color with small black dots on their wings. It is also small in size and has no black band on the tip of the front wing, which distinguishes it from P. brassicae. .. Cabbage white. SmallwhiteFamily: PieridaeGenus: PierisSpecies: P. rapaeBinomial name

Why do butterflies have black spots?

Some moths and butterflies have circular, high-contrast marks on their wings, long thought to drive away predators by imitating the eyes of their own enemies. ..

How can you tell a moth a butterfly?

Butterflies tend to fold their wings vertically on their backs. Moths tend to hold their wings like a tent that hides their abdomen. Butterflies are usually large and have more colorful patterns on their wings. Moths are usually smaller with dull-colored feathers.

What kind of butterfly has black dots on the wings?

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