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What are Komodo dragons related to?

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In mitochondrial DNA gene analysis, the Komodo dragon is the closest relative (sister classification group) of the lace monitor lizard (V. varius), and a common ancestor diverges from the strain that produced the crocodile monitor (Varanus salvadorii). It is shown to be. Of New Guinea.

How do Komodo dragons relate to their ancestors?

So far, researchers have proposed a Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) developed from a small ancestor isolated on the islands of Indonesia, in response to the lack of competition with other predators. Or known as Stegodon.6окт, which has evolved its large size as a specialist hunter for pygmy elephants. 2009

What are dinosaur-related Komodo dragons?

Komodo dragon is a kind of lizard. A cousin of dinosaur pedigree, but not a descendant. They diverged very long ago. Birds are the only remaining descendants of dinosaurs.

Is there a relationship between Komodo dragons and snakes?

Komodo dragons, such as lace monitor lizards, are closely associated with snakes, and Dr. Fry suggests that even the largest of all lizards may have poison. .. .. By studying other lizards, he discovered that the protein came from a separate set of glands in their mouth.

Is the Komodo dragon related to the crocodile?

Crocodiles and crocodiles are more closely associated with dinosaurs than Komodo dragons. .. Komodo dragons, like many other lizards, have been proven by the University of Melbourne to have genes that produce venom, but they actually kill their prey.

What are Komodo dragons related to?

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