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What are the four fastest land animals?

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Do Cheetah is the fastest running animal in the world. They can reach 100 mph in just 5 seconds-mostly Ferrari car speeds. Cheetahs typically hunt at speeds of 40 mph (64 km / h), but vary from 100 to 120 km / h. The fastest terrestrial animals are cheetahs with recording speeds of 109.4 km / h (109.4 km / h). At 68.0 mph) and 128 km / h (80 mph), the fastest reliable speed is 98 km / h (61 mph). The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird, the fastest member of the animal world, and has a diving speed of 389 km / h (242 mph).

Planet Cheetah's fastest terrestrial animal (62 mph) – 75 mph) Pronghorn (61 mph) Thomson's Gazelle (50 mph – 60 mph) Quarter Horse (55 mph) Wild Beast (50 mph) ) Lion (50 mph) Reindeer (37 mph – 50 mph) Elk (45 mph) Cape Hunting Dog (45 mph) Greyhound (45 mph) Muledia (30 mph – 45 mph) Rabbit (44 mph) Coyote (35 mph – 43 mph) Gray Fox (42 mph) Zebra (40 mph) Mongolian Wild Ass (40 mph) Haina (38 mph) Kirin (37 mph) Whipet (35 mph) Jackal (10 mph – 20 mph)

What is the fastest terrestrial animal in the world?

The fastest terrestrial animals are cheetahs, with recorded velocities ranging from 109.4 km / h (68.0 mph) to 120.7 km / h (75.0 mph).

What is the fastest speed a cheetah can run?

The maximum speed of the cheetah is about 120km / h. It is by far the fastest terrestrial animal in the world, ahead of all other wild cats and the fastest running animal. This fast speed is limited to very short bursts, but the cheetah can only sprint for about 60 seconds at top speed.

Which animal can run fastest with two legs?

Ostriches are by far the best bird runners and the fastest two-legged animals. You can't fly, but you can definitely run: 72 km / h (45 mph)! 5. Thomson's Gazelle

What is the maximum speed of wild animals?

Examples of animals that can reach almost 70 km / h (43 mph) are tigers [11], coyotes [12], wildebeests [13], and gray wolves [14]. Wild donkeys are also fast runners, but no reliable source of information has been found about their speed.

What are the four fastest land animals?

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