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What happens to sea sponges in dirty water?

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Scientists are studying how well sponges can absorb pollutants contributing to maintaining water quality or purifying what is actually contaminated

Are there sponges affected by water pollution?

"Sponge accumulates large amounts of pollutants and may contribute to maintaining water quality and purifying contaminated areas," said Pierre, Institute of Biotechnology and Marine Chemistry, University of South Brittany. Dr. Thoreau said.

Why are sponges sensitive to water pollution?

"Since sponges are filter feeders, they are more sensitive than other marine organisms. Sponges inhale and feed about 20 times the amount of water per minute, resulting in exposure to water. It's easier to get rid of. It's more sensitive to the conditions, "she said. 25 мая 2012 г.

How do sponges survive in that environment?

Sponge is a strong animal with a dense skeleton that is well adapted to the environment. .. Certain sponge species are adapted to the freshwater environment. Their skeletal type allows them to live in either hard or soft deposits. Their pores allow them to filter the water around them for food.

Does sponge grow mold?

Durability; Well-maintained sponge will last for months. Most synthetic sponges break apart, shrink, and develop bacteria and mold within a week.

What happens to sea sponges in dirty water?

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