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What is the circulatory system of the phylum Porifera?

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In summary, sponges (or sponges) do not have a true circulatory system like most animals. There are no hearts, veins, arteries, and no blood on the sponge. However, they achieve gas exchange and nutrient consumption through the movement of water.

Why does the sponge have no cardiovascular system?

The simplest animals, such as sponges (Porifera) and rotifera (Rotifera), require a circulatory system because diffusion allows for the proper exchange of water, nutrients, waste, and dissolved gas. plug. .. Instead, gas, nutrients and waste are exchanged by diffusion.

Does the sponge phylum have an organ system?

They are multicellular, but have no tissues or organs. The name Polyfera means "pore bearer" in Latin. The surface of the sponge's body is covered with skin that is one cell thick.

What is the digestive system of the sponge phylum?

The sponge does not have a complex digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, or nervous system. Their food is trapped as water passes through the pits and through the pits. Bacteria smaller than 0.5 micron in size are captured by choanocytes, the major cells involved in feeding, and ingested by phagocytosis.

How do sponges circulate nutrient oxygen and waste?

The sponge breathes by diffusion The sponge does not have the complex digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems to move nutrients and oxygen around the body. Rather, each cell is independent and uses diffusion to carry out its own oxygen, food and waste processes.

What is the circulatory system of the phylum Porifera?

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