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What is the scientific name for a female animal's pregnancy?

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The gestation period is the period during which an embryo develops inside the embryonic animal and then the foetation develops (the embryo develops within the parent). This is typical of mammals, but it also occurs in some non-mammals.

What is animal pregnancy?

Time from pregnancy, conception to delivery in mammals. In the meantime, the embryo or foetation develops in the womb. For some species (such as monkeys and men), the exact time of pregnancy may not be known, so this definition sometimes causes difficulties.

What is the scientific name of pregnancy?

Pregnancy, also known as pregnancy, is the time when one or more offspring develop in a woman's body.

What is the concept in animal science?

Fertilization occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg. .. Pregnancy is the time interval between the fertilization of an egg and the birth of a young person. It begins with fertilization and ends with labor. 2018

When mammals develop in the womb, what is it? Called

In mammals, pregnancy is the reproductive period in which a female carries one or more live offspring from implantation in the womb to pregnancy.

What is the scientific name for a female animal's pregnancy?

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