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What are some collective nouns for birds?

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Collective nouns of birds: Killing crows, tweeting starlings, why we call them plots of crows Awakening of the buzzard. Chiffchaff confusion. Red-billed chough. The turmoil of Coots. Killing a crow. Cuckoo asylum. Curlew of curlew. Finch trembling.

What is the collective noun of a bird?

BirdCollective Noun / Group Name SeabirdsWreckSparrowsHostStarlingsMurmurationStorksMustering, Muster

What is the collective noun of a parrot?

The last special collective noun of a group of birds is probably the best of all of them. Parrot groups are called "catastrophes". Parrots (in this case pretty young parrots) have one of the best collective nouns around, "The Haunting"!

What are some collective nouns for birds?

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