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What are the characteristics of cow?

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Physical characteristics of the body of a cow. Cows tend to be chunky with a long rectangular body. weight. Weight and height vary greatly depending on the breed of livestock. colour. Colors vary greatly depending on the variety. visual and auditory. Cows are the seed of prey. Digestive organ. Herbivores and cows mainly eat grass and stems.

What are the five facts about cows?

Here are 10 facts about cows that once again thank these gentle giants. The cow was born in Turkey. .. 2. Cows are called cows and bulls are called bulls. .. They are very social animals. .. Cows are good swimmers. .. Couting is probably not real. .. Cows don't sleep much. 10 Fun Facts About Cows-Treehugger

What's Special about Cows?

Cows have a keen sense of smell and can detect odors up to 6 miles away. 6. Cows are sociable and don't like being alone. For example, if a cow is isolated, it is usually because it is ill or trying to give birth.

What are the characteristics of dairy cows?

For dairy cows, it has the following features. A triangular elongated housing with a rear bottom. .. A lean body with weak muscles. Long and flexible neck (often with skin folds). Straight back. Fine bone structure. High legs. Dairy and bull breeds. Dairy cow productivity

What are the characteristics of cow?

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