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What do Ganges river dolphins eat?

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The dolphins of the Ganges live in freshwater river systems, mainly in the plains where the river flows slowly. They prefer the deep sea, where prey is readily available. They mainly feed on fish and invertebrates and use echolocation to detect prey.

Do dolphins on the Ganges bite?

Ganges dolphins are usually not dangerous. They never attack humans. 2021

Are dolphins on the Ganges blind?

Ganges dolphins are generally blind and catch their prey in a unique way. They emit ultrasonic waves that reach their prey.

Why are dolphins on the Ganges blind?

"Ganges dolphins have lost their eyes in the process of evolution to adapt to the muddy waters of the river .. Ganges dolphins make noises from their throats, bounce off targets and are very sensitive. Move using sound to return to a large, flat head with an auditory system.

How many dolphins on the Ganges remain in the world in 2021?

Wild There are about 2,500 to 3,000 dolphins on the Ganges River.

What do Ganges river dolphins eat?

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